Experience. Something. Different.

Take a TWIST on the Twelve Steps TM

Dear Amazing Life & Recovery Warrior,

I want you to know you are capable and deserving of all the amazing things life has to offer, no matter what you have done or has been done to you. I want you to experience true thriving and flourishing. I want you to know there is more to life than survival, neutral or ‘not in crisis.’ My own journey has taught me that healing is about so much more than digging out skeletons and fixing what is broken. The absence of illness is not wellness. The journey goes beyond removing what isn’t working. While awareness and work focused on symptoms and issues is important to any path of change, it is simply only half the story. We each have so many tools and resources within that we rarely tap into or know exist. We are walking around full of power and potential. I designed this program to tell you the well-being story, so you could discover that neutral is no way to live – that you know more and have more than you think, and that there is amazing research about happy, thriving people out there that you could be applying to your life today.

The Twist on the 12 StepsTM (T12) program is a “wellness” version of the traditional 12 steps of recovery. Based solely on scientific research in well-being and resilience, the program offers 12 sessions that incorporate 6 core elements of psychological well-being and happiness; Positive Emotion, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, and Vitality. T12 focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses, and possibilities rather than limitations.

ALL ARE WELCOME. While designed as a flip side of the 12 steps, you do NOT have to identify with an addiction or have 12 step recovery experience to participate or benefit from this program. This is open to all who want to learn how to cultivate more good in their lives.


This is a 12 week program. Each of the 12 sessions focuses on a specific area of well-being and resilience research. You’ll experience an overview of the research, tools, and techniques for applying it your life, and then we’ll have open discussion, group and individual activities throughout each session to strengthen connection and processing. Optional homework is assigned between sessions with an accompanying workbook to help guide you throughout the program.


# Session Learn about…
1 Reclaim your Power Using a Growth Mindset & Rewiring your Brain
2 Own your Story Finding Meaning & Cultivating Post-Traumatic Growth
3 Feed your Soul Vitality: Breathing, Heart Rate Variability, & the Mind-Body Connection
4 Discover Yourself Leveraging your Strengths (VIA Strengths Assessment)
5 Uncover Yourself Whole-Hearted Living: Authenticity, Vulnerability, Shame Resilience
6 Decide Who you Want to Be Using Hope Theory & The Stages of Change
7 Be That Building Habits, Setting & Achieving Goals
8 Give Thanks Expressing Gratitude & Forgiveness
9 Expand your Investments Building Positive Relationship & Communication Skills
10 Balance your Accounts Managing your Energy and Practicing Self Regulation
11 Make Daily Deposits Building Mindfulness & Meditation Practices
12 Share your Wealth Uncovering Purpose & Engaging with the World


  1. 100-page workbook: with templates, self-assessments, exercises, checklists and worksheets to increase your awareness and assist you in applying the principles to your life.
  2. Group support and accountability: to get feedback, encouragement, share experiences and stay on track throughout the program. A private social media group is created to connect in between sessions with me and other group members.
  3. Family Album: to get to know your group members before the group starts. You’ll receive a questionnaire and an assembled album with important facts about your tribe!
  4. Pre & Post-Assessment: to measure your own progress in 12 different dimensions of well-being and see growth first hand from start to finish.
  5. Individual coaching & Q&As: to accelerate your progress and personalize your experience. One free individual session with me at any time throughout the program, additional sessions offered at 20% discounted rate. Q&A reach-outs available between sessions on the private group forum.
  6. Video Recordings: The content portions of sessions are recorded for you to refer to as needed through the program and to catch up if a session is missed.


  • Currently in person in Towson, MD area; next group begins Sept 12 through Dec 12
  • 12 weeks of content / topics
  • 1 session per week from 6:30 to 8pm
  • Program includes an intro / overview session and optional closing / celebration session at the end
  • $75 / session (participants must commit to full program)

Currently accepting new members for the Fall 2022 group! Schedule a free one-on-one intro session with me below to talk through your goals and decide if this is a good fit for you. There is no pressure or obligation!